The Avalon Relics: Amulet Of Morgana Jennifer Yen

The Avalon Relics: Amulet of Morgana
by Jennifer Yen
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"We all have greatness within us, child. It is not a question of ability, but one of will. You must choose the path that has been laid down before you, no matter the challenges or the danger. It is only then that you fulfill the destiny that awaits you."

As her ancestor's form blurs in front of her, Morgana repeats the command she gave Sophia at the beginning of her journey.

"Trust in yourself. Find the crown. Save the realm."

Sophia and the others are summoned back to Avalon by the Elders only days after being dealt a crushing blow by the Dark Ones. They are asked to continue the search for Laila's crown, but a surprise attack shatters the bond between the five friends, leaving one imprisoned and the rest wondering just who might be next.

Realizing that the enemy has infiltrated their ranks, the Council locks down the realm while Sophia is whisked away under the protection of master guardian Remiel.

With pressure mounting from all sides, Sophia is pushed to her limits and makes a decision that nearly ends in disaster. Now, she must face the consequences of her actions and attempt to redeem herself. With help from unexpected allies and her own growing power, Sophia must stay one step ahead as she completes the quest for the missing relic.

Can Sophia overcome her fears and embrace her destiny, or will the Dark Ones finally succeed in tearing the Fearless Five apart forever?

























The Avalon Relics: Amulet of Morgana Jennifer Yen

















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